Vote November 4

Election day is Tuesday, November 4. This election--as all elections--matters for biking in Minneapolis.

Please vote!

Transportation funding has been a topic of discussion at the state level in the election, so we encourage you to review what candidates for Governor and Minnesota House of Representatives are saying about transportation. We are supportive of the Move MN campaign, which is working to see new transportation funding in 2015, including the first state dedicated funding for biking and walking. That funding would be hugely valuable for improving biking and walking in Minneapolis, including protected bikeways.

Hennepin County Commissioner and Minneapolis School Board are certainly also critical positions for our city.

As we've seen in recent elections, every vote matters. Your vote matters. Please review what candidates are saying, ask them about their position on transportation and biking, and vote.

You can find out where you vote and information about candidates in your area through the Star Tribune's myVote page.

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