Volunteer with Us at Open Streets Franklin!

Juliana_Pederson_Franklin_2016.jpgWe are now nearing the end of Summer, and the end of Open Streets season. Can you believe that we only have 3 more Open Streets left?! We're hoping to finish out these last events with a bang, but WE NEED YOUR HELP starting with Open Streets Franklin on Sunday, August 27th!

Open Streets depends on individuals like you. 

Our volunteers are:

  • From all ages and backgrounds (everyone is welcome to volunteer at our events!)
  • People who love Minneapolis and want to make their city better
  • Those who see the value and the many benefits of these events
  • Folks who want to make sure that Open Streets remains a Summer staple in Minneapolis


You see, Open Streets is so much more than just a street festival. It is an international movement. With roots in Colombia dating back to the 1970's, Open Streets events in their many forms have become a grassroots catalyst for positive change in cities all over the world.

Here's how Open Streets can benefit our community:

  • Support local businesses -  Open Streets encourages all of the small businesses and organizations to come out and gain visibility. This is one way that we can propel growth in our community, by supporting our neighbors and our local economy. 
  • Promote sustainable transportation and healthy living- Open Streets encourages folks to think about how easy it is to use sustainable transportation, especially in their own neighborhood! Why take a car when you can walk or bike stress-free, and get your body moving!? Sustainable transportation is good for you and for the environment.
  • Embrace diversity - These events are designed to bring different groups of people together so that we can all get to know each other, build relationships, and accept differences. As we become more united, we will further embrace our diverse community.
  • Rethink how you interact with your neighborhood - Open Streets allows us to experience our neighborhoods from a different perspective. We transform our streets into public spaces where there community can gather, explore, and celebrate. How else can we transform our neighborhoods to become more inclusive, welcoming, and vibrant? The conversation starts at Open Streets!


When we recruit volunteers, we are asking folks to take ownership of these special events! Make them feel like they belong to you and your community! If you have just two hours to spare on Sunday August 27th, consider signing up as a volunteer at Franklin Open Streets! You will be taking part in Open Streets with a behind the scenes perspective and trust us, it is incredibly rewarding.

Here’s a few of the different roles that you can sign up for! Click on the volunteer position to sign up for one of our 3 shifts and grab the time slot that works best for you! If these don’t catch your eye, check out the full list of 11 positions on our website and find the one that fits you best!

Event Hosts

NE_Vol_Tent_2017.JPGThe party can't start until our Event Hosts arrive!

These folks bring the event to life with bubbles, chalk, high-fives, and street games. They get to roam throughout the event, either by foot or wheels, and ensure that the event remains safe and fun. This is a fantastic position for groups of friends, family or neighbors who want to volunteer together! 



Planeteers work with our Event Hosts to keep the event route looking even better than we found it! They'll be picking up any extra trash during the event and making sure that items are properly recycled or composted. If you're passionate about limiting waste and taking care of the environment then this is the position for you! 

Protected Bikeway Ambassadors

NE_Pop_up_bikeway_2017_(1).pngAre you interested in bicycle advocacy and the process by which changes are made to bicycle infrastructure in Minneapolis?

Volunteer at the Bikeway Pop Up! There you can chat with folks about the benefits of protected bikeways and collect postcards to show support to our local representatives. This is a great position for enthusiastic and outgoing people, or those who want to encourage more people to bike in our beautiful city!


Pedestrian Ambassadors

As a pedestrian ambassador, you have the opportunity to help us embrace our new focus at Our Streets Minneapolis! 

Promote safer and more accessible crossing for people walking and rolling, and collect postcards to show support for safer crossings in Minneapolis! Outgoing and passionate people are encouraged to sign up!


No matter which position calls to you the loudest, all volunteer roles are crucial to keeping our events safe, fun, and meaningful. Hope you can join us at Open Streets Franklin on Sunday, August 27th! 


 Can't make it to Franklin Open Streets? 


Volunteer at Open Streets West Broadway on Saturday, September 9th or Open Streets Nicollet on Sunday September 24th


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