Updates from the Hennepin County Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC)

The meeting was held on Monday, August 19th from 3:30-6 pm at the Transportation and Public Safety Building on the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus.

Bicycle Advisory Committee Work Plan

  • There was a discussion on going forward with a creation of a work plan for the BAC. This would outline the focus and initiatives of the committee and provide direction for future meetings. Many members requested additional training and information regarding bicycle infrastructure, especially with regards to cycle tracks.


  • It was suggested that members of the committee communicate with their commissioners and take them on bike rides so that they can experience first hand cycling in their districts. This was seen as especially important in the districts that are impacted by the Southwest light rail line.

Project updates

Rose Ryan, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator from Hennepin County, provided updates on the various bicycle infrastructure projects that are going on in the county. These include:

  • Minnehaha Avenue: the next public meeting regarding the restructuring of Minnehaha Avenue will be held in September. 


  • Franklin Avenue: There will be a public meeting regarding the restriping and possible barrier for the west end of the Franklin Avenue bridge in September.


  • Park Avenue and Midtown Greenway intersection: There is an investigation underway to see what modifications can be made so that the Park Avenue entrance to the Midtown Greenway can be accessed safely, since the bike lane moved from the left side of the road to the right.


  • Southwest LRT: There will be more decisions about the project next month as the discussion continues about the possible impact on the bike trails


  • Hennepin County Bicycle Transportation Plan: The public outreach for feedback on the bicycle plan has begun. Postcards were passed out to council members, and they were instructed to distribute them or post them in public places. There is a public workshop planned for early October.

University of Minnesota updates and bike tour

The University of Minnesota has been making great strides in encouraging safe cycling on campus.

  • Their ZAP program is being used by thousands of university students, faculty and staff, and they will be partnering with Nice Ride MN for some events this fall when the students return. ZAP program participants will be able to track their bike rides by using a Nice Ride, or their personal bikes.


  • The University will be testing painted bike lanes on Northrop Mall, since the area sees a high amount of bike and pedestrian traffic.


  • There is a roundabout being tested on Pleasant Street SE and Pillsbury Drive, which will face more traffic once the buses return to Washington Avenue once the light rail starts running.


  • The Dinkytown greenway is now fully functional, and there is a discussion of creating a trail from the Northern Pacific Trail #9 bridge through to 2nd Street SE.

    The bike tour took BAC members through to different bicycle infrastructure updates throughout campus, showcasing the separate bikeways and new facilities.

The next meeting will be held on September 16th from 4-6pm. The location has yet to be decided.  

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