University of Minnesota Update 2

A few more tidbits from my interview with Steve Sanders, the University of Minnesota Bicycling Coordinator:

The University Transitway will be open in time for the State Fair. The western portion has been closed due to Central Corridor Light Rail construction.

Pleasant Avenue will be getting Bike Boxes at University Avenue and green bike lanes from Pillsbury to University Avenue this fall, pending federal approval of experimental treatments. They will also be installing traffic signals and bike boxes at Pillsbury.

The University, the City of Minneapolis, and MetroTransit are studying ways to improve the 15th Avenue corridor. Options being discussed include fresh paint, new signs, new kinds of traffic signals. We'll post when there's an update from this group.

The long awaited connection from Bridge 9 to the University Transitway may actually happen next year. The University has tried for years to negotiate a purchase or land-swap with the railroads to get enough right-of-way for this trail but the railroads have stonewalled. A city engineer suggested that, with some compromises, there might be enough room for a trail on land already owned by the City and the University. And there is. The trail will be smaller in spots than originally planned, and we'll have to share the trail with University vehicles in some places. Construction is expected to start in spring and be done by fall 2012.

The new University of Minnesota Bike Plan is in the final stages of the University approval process. We'll let you know when it's published.

Most campus streets have a 20mph speed limit. Parking and Transportation Services has put up a few new speed limit signs to make that limit more clear.

In August the University Police Department will receive special training on enforcement directed at people using the roads: bikers, pedestrians, and motorists. This will be part of a larger education effort on campus geared toward people taking responsibility for their own safety. Roll-out for the larger program starts in the fall.

Next year the University will build a satellite bike station on the St. Paul campus.

The League of American Bicyclists recently recognized the University as a "Bike Friendly University" and as a bike friendly employer, both at the Silver level.

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