University and 4th Bike lanes move forward

After a three year study period of the area, a one way delineator-protected bikeway is to be installed on both University Ave and 4th St SE. These new lanes will continue the work of the Bicycle Master Plan from Hennepin County, Minnesota Department of Transportation, and the City of Minneapolis.

Portion of University Ave and 4th St to become protected bike lanes.

The other main option for this area was a two way protected bikeway on University Ave SE. This option would have created direct campus access and a calmer University Ave.

The city chose the one-way design to enhance the current design and allow for lower cost implementation.

The double one-way design only requires signing, striping, delineators, and some traffic signal modification. This allows for more flexibility to change the design in the future according the City of Minneapolis.


Street design of University and 4th post bike lane installation.

The design will most likely add on-street parking to a portion of SE 4th St west of 35W. There are three portions where metered parking may be removed: one portion on 4th St west of 35W before 8th Ave, one portion on 4th St east of 35W before 15th Ave, and one portion on University Ave after 14th St.

Potential parking changes with the addition of protected bike lanes.

The installation of the project will coincide with Hennepin County’s resurfacing of University Ave SE east of 10th Ave SE.

The city and county are finalizing several details related to the project. These details include: intersecting bikeways, intersection with I-35W, signalization, and bus stop design.

Our Streets Mpls advocated for a two-way bikeway on University Ave SE. This would provide the most traffic calming for both pedestrians and bicyclists. Our Streets is happy with the double one-way design as it calms traffic on both University Ave and 4th St.

The project will seek approval from the City Council later in 2018.

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