This Wednesday: Open Streets Planning Group Kick-Off!

Copy_of_IMG_7675.JPGThe rumors are true: the 2017 Open Streets Volunteer Planning Group is launching! We invite all folks (volunteers, members, Open Streets fanatics, and the curious alike) to come join us for our kick-off meeting on Wednesday, January 11th, 6pm at the Coalition Office (1428 Washington Ave S, Suite 204).

You may be thinking to yourself: “Ok, I love Open Streets, but what could I possibly do in the Winter/Spring to help with this Summer event?” Well, the answer is: the possibilities are endless! Open Streets is volunteer-powered the day-of, and the Coalition wants to bring it back to volunteers all year long. Open Streets Minneapolis is a movement designed to empower communities and reimagine our streets in a different way. This vision is incomplete without passionate and excited volunteers.

nicolletvols.jpgThis year, the opportunity is open to all people to bring their visions to the events. Maybe you’ve been at an Open Streets and thought: “This zone could really use more community businesses!”, or “This corner could really use a giant connect 4 station!”, or maybe “This whole event could use a Bike Parade to kick it off!” Who knows what you’re thinking, but surely you have some excellent ideas to make the event better in 2017. Maybe you don’t have ideas but are intrigued by being a part of this movement and working with others who are passionate.

What should you expect from the kick-off meeting? Friendly folks, snacks, get-to-know you’s, brainstorming mania, and a plan to move forward. The group will continue to meet on a monthly basis, so feel free to jump in after the first meeting if you aren't able to attend the first. Additionally, folks who are interested in specific routes should still attend this meeting but plan to break off into community planning groups (i.e. Open Streets Lyndale will have it’s very own planning group!). Whether you are interested in a specific route or the whole shebang, please join us this upcoming Wednesday.

Questions? Email [email protected] with questions and to get updated in the future!


Photos by Kaitlyn Klister (2016) and Ajith George (2015)

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