The Volunteer Orientation Guide

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is rolling out a Volunteer Orientation Guide for 2014.  As a volunteer-led organization, our work is done by volunteers (supported by a sparse staff) - this guide is an orientation about the Coalition that we hope will make it easier for you to volunteer!

Background Information: The Coalition's mission, vision, history, plus a listing of board members and an organizational chart.

Volunteer Opportunities: Some detail about how you can volunteer with the Coalition.  Options include advocacy, communications, event hosting, outreach, and building the Coalition's capacity any way you can. Follow your interests and take a look!

Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition Accomplishments: Our top accomplishments since we were founded (2009), and a graph showing how our member and volunteer support has grown.

Other Initiatives & Events: Find out about big initiatives like Bikeways for Everyone, Open Streets, and Bike Week. Also fun are JoyRides, Happy Hours, and Fundraising events here. If any of these areas strike your interest, please email [email protected].

Bicycle-Related Organizations (our partners): These are our allies.  We've partnered with many of these organizations in the past, and wish to keep looking for new ways to work together.  This list includes brief descriptions on where we all fit into the Minneapolis bicycling community in some cases, how we partner with them.

Frequently Asked Questions: You had questions, and we're pretty sure we've found the answers. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions from our volunteers -- and let us know if there is anything we should add.

Volunteer Toolkit : EVERYTHING you may want to know if you are leading an event or workgroup with the Coalition. Planning resources, converstation templates, even some fun activities and ice breakers are here!   

We hope that you are able to find ways to use these resources. Bookmark the Volunteer Orientation Guide to find all of the info in one easy place when you need it. Enjoy!

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