The Bikeway - October 2016

In this issue:

  • Franklin Avenue Bridge Celebration
  • Police Citation report released
  • Support our pedestrian expansion work!
  • Samatar Crossing
  • Bike-friendly Business Highlight - Butter!
  • Disappointment on Marshall St NE
  • Parking Problems Improving on 11th Ave Protected Bikeway
  • BAC September Meeting Recap
  • Bike Lanes on 38th Street - Community Meeting
Franklin Ave bridge, Police Citation Report, and more!
 October 2016

Franklin Avenue Bridge Celebration!

Last week Hennepin County had a grand opening celebration for the Franklin Bridge. Dozens of bicyclists and pedestrians gathered to hear speakers and ride or walk the bridge as a big group.

The Franklin Avenue bridge features a protected bike and pedestrian area on both sides of the bridge, and the city's first bike counter. The counter was officially turned on at this event - take a ride on the bridge and be counted!


Police Citation report released

In October of 2016, two dedicated Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition volunteers Dr. Melody Hoffmann and Anneka Kmiecik researched, authored, and published the first ever report on research related to Bicycle Citations and Arrests in Minneapolis from 2009-2015.

This week the report was presented and space was held for discussion. The full presentation is available as a video here. The arrest data suggest that it is highly probable that Black bicyclists in Minneapolis face greater threats of police stops than do white bicyclists, especially for minor infractions such as riding on the sidewalk or without lights. Although each stop started with a bicycle-related offense, 15 percent of stops resulted in charges and outcomes more severe than a citation for bicycle violations alone.

Read the full report online, along with recommendations to reduce these disparities!

photo by Ajith George

Support our pedestrian expansion work!

Please join Molly Sullivan and Sam Rockwell on October 27 as they host a house party fundraiser to support the Minneapolis Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition and our recent expansion into pedestrian advocacy.

House Party Fundraiser to Benefit the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition
Thursday, October 27th 5:30-7:30pm
132 35th St. W., Minneapolis, MN 55408

You can RSVP and/or join the host committee here, or RSVP on Facebook.

Co-Hosted by:

Council Member Lisa Bender, Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene, Faith & Jim Kumon, K. Davis and Sarah Senseman, Ben Schweigert, Win & Binky Rockwell, Peter Mason, Matt Spies and Julia Silvis, Matthew and Shelley Hendricks, Bill Dooley, Brendon Slotterback & Carissa Schively-Slotterback, Colleen Ayers and Aaron Hanauer, Maureen Michalski, David Wellington, Nick Magrino, Sarah Tschida & Nick and Willa Richtman, Michael Lander, Steve Cramer, Bruce Jacobson, Julia Curran, Janne Flisrand, and Tom Hoch.

Other News


Samatar Crossing

Next year, the City of
Minneapolis will create a
new connection between
downtown Minneapolis and
the Cedar-Riverside
neighborhood by
reconnecting 5th Street S
over 35W.

There is one major question
left to answer: Will cars be
allowed to drive along the
whole corridor?

We are excited about the
community idea of truly
great walking and biking
connection without cars.
If you live in or frequent the
area, we encourage you to
share your thoughts with
Council Members Abdi Warsame and Jacob Frey.

Read more on our blog.


Bike-friendly business highlight - Butter!

We've set out to find some great bicycle friendly businesses in Minneapolis. This month, we highlighted Butter Bakery and Cafe, located near the intersection of 38th St and Nicollet Ave in South Minneapolis!

Read more about why Butter wants people to bike to their business! 

Have a business you'd like to see featured? Email us!


Disappointment on Marshall St NE

Hennepin County recently opted not to seek Federal funds in the reconstruction of Marshall St NE, from 1st Ave NE to St. Anthony Parkway. This reconstruction would have very likely included a protected bikeway between 10th Ave NE to 27th Ave NE.

This is a huge disappointment, and could mean the road won't be reconstructed until 2022. Read more on our blog.


Parking problems improving on 11th Ave protected bikeway

Thanks to everyone who has raised awareness of people parking in the new protected bikeway on 11th Ave S. The City has been working to try different improvements to see what is needed to help with other future projects as well. They have added additional bollards and better parking marking and most drivers are now complying. Please report to 311 and let us know if you see someone parked incorrectly.


BAC September Meeting Recap

Coalition volunteer Galen goes through what happened at the city's Bicycle Advisory Committee last month, including some great info on things that we'll be seeing soon on our streets. Highlights include:

  • Broadway Street NE Reconstruction
  • Portland and Cedar Avenue Bridge Renovations
  • Calhoun-Harriet Access Improvement Project
  • Anderson School Bike and Pedestrian Improvements

Bike Lanes on 38th Street - Community Meeting

Public Works staff will be presenting their proposal for adding bike lanes to East 38th Street in the Longfellow Neighborhood between Minnehaha and West River Parkway. 38th Street crosses Hiawatha Avenue beyond Minnehaha, and has seen bicycle improvements there. The meeting will be on Wednesday, November 30th in Brackett Park from 6-8:00pm.

Come ask questions and give feedback on the project.

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