The Bikeway - February 2016

In this Issue:

  • Help shape the future of Hennepin Avenue!
  • 3rd Avenue Moving Forward
  • Skillshare #2: Outreach and Organizing
  • Good news for the Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha intersection!
  • What does the FAST Act mean for biking?
  • Bike lanes on Franklin Ave SE
  • What are protected intersections?
  • Workgroup Updates: Diversity & Equity, Downtown Bikeways, UMN Bikeways
Hennepin Ave redesign, 3rd Ave update, and more!
 February 2016

Help shape the future of Hennepin Avenue!

Hennepin Avenue is one of the most important streets in all of Minnesota, and is the cultural heart of Minneapolis. With all that it's got going for it though, the street is still not inviting for people, and the intensity of traffic makes it less of a desirable place to be.

All that could change soon with a reconstruction of Hennepin Ave in 2020! The City of Minneapolis has begun collecting input on ways to make Hennepin a more inviting street, including the potential for adding a protected bikeway! Read some details on why adding a protected bikeway would make sense on our blog.

The City has already held it's first community input session, but it's not too late to make sure your voice is heard! You can read a bit more about what was discussed there, and then make sure your voice is heard by contacting the project planners and your Council Member about why making Hennepin Ave a more inviting street matters to you!


3rd Avenue Moving Forward

The City is planning to re-make 3rd Avenue downtown this year as a green, inviting street with a protected bikeway. After some setbacks, the project is moving forward, and may go to final vote at the City Council in the next couple weeks.

At the Bicycle Advisory Committee's engineering subcommittee this week we got a preview of some changes to the project, including some turn lane width changes at 3rd Ave and Washington to slow vehicle speeds, a lack of zebra striping for pedestrians, and pushback on the removal of parking next to City Hall for greening. Read more on our blog about the changes to the project, and some more detailed updates on what is being proposed.


Skillshare #2: Outreach and Organizing

On March 5, 2016 the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition will be holding the next skill share in a series of workshops aimed at supporting volunteers that wish to dive deeper into community and city-level advocacy. Make sure to read this great recap of the first skillshare!

We’ll tackle questions such as: How do you pitch a campaign to a total stranger? How do you encourage them to take action? What do you say when someone disagrees with you but you really need them on your side? What is a 1:1 and how do you do one? How do you find allies and common ground? What can we do together?

Advocacy Skillshare: Building Relationships

Saturday, March 5th 10:30am - 12:30pm

Location TBD

Space is limited, please RSVP!


Good news for the Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha intersection!

The intersection of Franklin/Cedar and Minnehaha is currently the second most dangerous in the City of Minneapolis and stands to have more than two and half times the “critical rate” of accidents.  Along with our partners, we've been working to engage the community around an upcoming reconstruction of the intersection to make it safer for all users who pass through it. On February 9th, the Seward Neighborhood Group Community Development Committee met with county staff, including Bob Byers and Kelley Yemen, to move the project forward into a final vote.

There was very strong support at the meeting for substantial improvements to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure as part of the project, as well as traffic calming other changes to make the area safer, and the Seward Neighborhood Group Community Development Committee passed the project with a number of those great improvements. Read all the specifics on our blog; we look forward to seeing the final project plan from the County soon!

Other News


What does the FAST Act mean for biking?

In December of last year, Congress and President Obama passed a long-term transportation bill into law. The FAST (Fixing America’s Surface Transportation) Act is a five-year bill that ensures funding through 2020. Read what it means for biking on our blog!


Bike lanes on Franklin Ave SE

On January 21st, a meeting about the addition of bike lanes and traffic calming on Franklin Ave SE was held at St. Frances Cabrini Church. Read more about the proposed redesign of the street, and join the next public meeting!


What are protected intersections?

Designs for "protected intersections" are being rolled out across the country, and we hope to see them soon in Minneapolis. Here are all the details about this newest bike design innovation!

Workgroup Updates


Diversity & Equity

At the February meeting the committee focused on Goals that the committee wants to reach in 2016, including beginning more projects. Join us for the next meeting and help continue that conversation!

Next meeting:

March 11th, 4:00 - 5:30pm

Coalition office, 1428 Washington Ave S, #204


Downtown Bikeways

The Downtown Bikeways group is focused on engagement around connecting Washington Avenue protected bikeway to the U of M, Hennepin Avenue, and 3rd Avenue.

Next meeting:

March 2nd, 6:00pm

Coalition office, 1428 Washington Ave S, #204


UMN Bikeways

The UMN Bikeways Work Group connects with students and community members in the University of Minnesota area to work on bicycle infrastructure and advocacy. This spring, they plan to advocate for a protected bikeway in the area.

Next meeting TBD, email Emily for to get involved in advocacy work!

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