In Case you Missed it: ThanksforGiving 2016

On Tuesday November 29th the Coalition hosted our annual ThanksforGiving Volunteer and Member party! Every November, we extend an invite to all of the folks that volunteered or became a member that year. The Bicycle Coalition is a volunteer run and member supported organization, and nearly all of the work that happens is done by volunteers. Open Streets, Bike Month, advocacy, rides, skillshares, happy hours, and so much more are supported by our wonderful volunteers. It’s because of YOU that the City is becoming a better place for biking and walking alike.

ThanksforGiving_party_Bingo.JPGThis year, Republic Seven Corners (our fabulous neighbors), hosted an evening of fun, appreciation, and community. Bicycle Coalition Bingo kicked us off, a game in which folks had the chance to interact with our work, find out more ways to get involved, and meet other people who were passionate about safer biking and walking in Minneapolis. Activities popular last year were brought back, such as Bike-U writing and drawing your dream Open Streets route. A transition to a short program included thanks from staff members to volunteer groups who had an impact this year. Ethan Fawley, our executive director, concluded the staff appreciations by explaining that the work of the Coalition would not exist without members and volunteers. Their passion and excitement to make Minneapolis a safer and more accessible City for cycling is what drives everything we do.

Latrisha Vetaw, current board President, wrapped up the evening with a look into the future of the Coalition and the newest addition of Pedestrian Advocacy to our work. Latrisha echoed Ethan’s sentiments that there would be no Coalition, no work, and no change without our volunteers and members, and that we’ll be bigger, better and working for more people to travel around Minneapolis safely in 2017.

With that, the night concluded and the staff was thrilled to be able to celebrate and appreciate all of the folks who came. To all of our Members and Volunteers who weren’t able to make it that night, we missed you, and we deeply appreciate all that you do for us! Check out the best Volunteer photos from 2016 here.

We hope to see you back in 2017! If you haven't heard, we are revamping the volunteer program to include more accessible opportunities. We are adding more work groups and committees including Open Streets Planning, Pedestrian, Bike Month Planning, Bicycle Encouragement, Fundraising, Communications, Event Planning, and many more! Click here to sign-up and get more information.

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