Take action today to support biking and walking


Tomorrow morning–Friday, September 2–the City Council will vote on a proposal to eliminate funding for an important new Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator position. The vote may be close and your calls will make a big difference.


Please contact your City Council Member RIGHT NOW to let them you that know support this position. (And share this with your friends!)


And tomorrow morning, join us at the Council Chambers for the vote.


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General message:

I support the hiring of a bicycle and pedestrian coordinator because I want to see Minneapolis become a safer and more attractive place to walk and bike.


*Please add a personal story if possible*



The Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator will add real value to the City. Hiring a position like this has been a priority of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition and the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee for more than a year. That’s because we think this may be the single most important way to drive forward with more improvements for biking and walking even as our City has less money.


This position will save lives, reduce injuries, save money, improve quality of life, and spur the booming bicycle economy. Quite simply, we will have a better future bicycling and walking environment if this person is hired.


You can find additional background about this position on our website.


Show Your Support at City Hall Tomorrow


We’ll meet up about 9:15 outside the Council Chambers before the 9:30 hearing starts. Bring your helmet or bike pins. The vote is likely to be late in the agenda, so if you can’t make it that early, track our live updates on Twitter.


RSVP at the Facebook event.

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