Statement on Minneapolis police killing a man at a traffic stop

Updated January 4th, 2021 to include the victim's name: Dolal Idd.

We are devastated and disturbed by Minneapolis police killing Dolal Idd at a traffic stop on Cedar Ave & 36th St Wednesday night. 

This death is a tragic loss. Our thoughts are with everyone impacted, especially Dolal Idd's friends and family. 

This loss is especially enraging coming just seven months after Minneapolis police killed George Floyd.

Our Streets Minneapolis is an organization dedicated to making streets places where everyone can bike, walk, and roll easily and comfortably. 

We know that our streets will not be safe until everyone in our community can move through them without the threat of police violence. That’s why we are strong advocates against traffic enforcement as a street safety strategy. 

We will not end traffic deaths and serious injuries until we address the root cause of traffic crashes: the streets themselves. 

As long as traffic enforcement is a tool available to them, our police department will continue to use it to target our neighbors--especially our Black and East African neighbors. This is unacceptable.

No traffic stop should be a death sentence.

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