Spring Street Sweeping Season

Official Signs of Spring...

  • Ice out
  • Leaf out
  • Crocuses
  • Taking studded tires off
  • Traffic on bike trails
  • Longer wait times at the bike shop
  • Hearing birds chirping on my morning rides
  • and...

For me, spring is the season of cleansing and renewal.

I'm sure you've noticed bike lanes covered in glass and detritus, left behind by winter.  Anything that's in the street goes directly into our lakes and river, which is another reason I look forward to street sweeping.  April 13 through May 9, Public works will begin cleaning the streets!

If you park your car on the street, keep a lookout for signs!  They are posted for 24 hours, and then you're in danger of being ticketed or towed.

If you want to look up when your street is going to be swept (or you just like maps), check out this link

Here's a video PSA from the City: 

Clean up the LRT with us!

LRT Renewal- Trail Clean-Up: Monday, April 18th 6-7:30

If you want to get involved with cleaning up our City, please join the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition in cleaning up the plastic bags, bottles, and rubbish from the LRT trail! More hands will make the work go faster- bring a friend!  RSVP here.

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