Sneak Peek: 2013 Plans

Help us make more events happen! 

When the pragmatically-named Organizational Development work group met in December to talk about 2013 plans, there was a clear theme.  As we went around the room listing our 2013 goals, nearly everyone included an event or two on their list:  happy hours, meet-ups, project celebrations, rides, refresh stations on trails, networking, volunteer recognitions.

We've had fun and great turnout with past events.  We've done two happy hours, several meet-ups, organized and participated in project openings, and hosted two Joy Rides.  We had to skip some things we would have loved to do, too.  Next year, we want to do more.

So a few of us peeled off to start planning what, how to coordinate with other Coalition work groups,  how to help volunteers organize successful events, and who is going to do the planning (pictured above).

We'll need more help to make it happen, so the next step is a meeting:

Wednesday, January 9

Common Roots (26th and Lyndale S, in the Common Room)


We'll be strategizing, planning, and getting a jump on making a few things happen quickly.  Join us!

Just as important -- what events would you like to see?  Do you have a happy hour presentation you'd like to see?  A place you'd suggest for a meet-up?  A policy-themed ride you want to go on?  Let us know in the comments!

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