September Joyride Together Recap!

Our monthly Joyrides are back and September marked the second ride. It was a blast that included an excellent slow roll and delicious snacks at the end. Sept_joy_ride_(2)_(1).jpg

The September edition of the monthly Joyride was a success! We had 26 people show up for an evening slow roll around the city. This month’s route was designed and lead by Alyssa Kohn from Minneapolis By Bike and it was an excellent time. We started at Matthews Park and rode an 8.5 mile route that included a jog across both the Franklin Ave and Marshall Ave bridges! To conclude the ride, we were greeted by Lisa from Seven Sundays who generously provided our hungry riders with yogurt parfaits.

Though the weather may have been gloomy in the morning, it cleared up by the evening and was perfect riding weather. So beautiful in fact, that as we headed west over the Marshall St. bridge we rode into an unforgettable sunset.


Our route included a few recently (re)opened places to check out: the Franklin Ave bridge and West River parkway. The parkway is smoothly paved and was being used by lots of other bikers and walkers when we tested it out. The lane lines have yet to be painted on, but tree branches and other nature debris is cleared and it is most definitely accessible.

And Franklin Bridge? It’s gorgeous! There is currently only one side (the north side) for bikers, walkers and rollers to use as the other side is still being completed. Finishing touches aside, the pavement is smooth, there are physical barriers between car and non-car traffic, and tasteful streetlights that pay tribute to what the streetlights of decades ago looked like. Even with only one side to ride on, there was enough space for cyclists and pedestrians to pass each other. There are bump outs along the bridge that provide a nice place to stop for a view of the city and on our ride, there were small gatherings of friends hanging out in these spaces enjoying the view and companionship.

We would highly recommend trying out the East River Parkway and Franklin Bridge for yourself!


Join us for our next Joyride in October! Monday, October 17 at 5:45pm, Boom Island Park. Check out the Facebook event here.

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