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Minneapolis City Council just unanimously confirmed the appointment of a new Public Works Director.

This is important because of how Public Works touches our lives in so many ways. We are happy to welcome a visionary new Director, Robin Hutcheson to lead how the Department manages the system of streets, water, electricity, sewage functions, and many other ways Public Works influences our cities.


Mayor Hodges said, "Robin Hutcheson has the right combination of experience and vision, and I am confident she is the right person to continue and accelerate the progress we've made under Steve Kotke, our Director of Public Works who retired in May."

The Mayor of Salt Lake City also praised Hutcheson.

"Robin is our star," he says. "Salt Lake City is a progressive city, but it takes the right people from top to bottom and the right commitment and the right approach. And fortunately Robin embodies all those things."

She waves him off when he says it, insisting as she does several times over the course of the day that she herself is not interesting, and that the focus should remain squarely on the city. She also downplays the idea that there's anything particularly remarkable about being a woman in charge of a city division that is shaping the future of a regional hub. When she took the job, she says, she simply buckled down to the task at hand, and ignored anyone who might be looking at her funny.

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Public Works Director Robin Hutcheson!

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