Ride the "Campaign Cycle"

Take action to support bike-friendly candidates!

The weather is heating up (or snowing!) and so is the 2013 campaign cycle. The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is along for the ride as the campaign cycle rolls along. With Mayor Rybak not seeking re-election, this year's city elections will include the city's first open mayoral seat in two decades. In addition, Minneapolis will vote for city council, park board, and the board of estimate and taxation. All of these offices play an important role in making Minneapolis the best it can be for bicycling.

The first stop along the way is the spring/summer endorsement season. During this time labor unions (e.g. Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO), grassroots organizations (e.g. Sierra Club North Star Chapter), and political parties (e.g. DFL), endorse candidates for election. The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is a 501(c)(3) organization and is therefore unable to endorse political candidates for office (as this would inflict on its ability to maintain its tax-emempt status). However, the Coalition is able to conduct candidate surveys and provide information to the public about bicycling issues. Coalition members, organizations, and voters can use this information to help them decide what candidates to support. Take a look at candidate's responses.

Hopefully, this information will help you decide what candidates will support your best interests when it comes to bicycling issues. The Coalition encourages you to become civically engaged: volunteer on a campaign for a candidate you like, attend precinct caucuses on April 16, and/or participate in a politically active grassroots organization of your choice. At the very least vote on November 5 and stay tuned to the MBC webpage to help you do your research (we'll continue to post responses from candidates as they come in). We're not going to tell you who to vote for, but we will tell you to get involved in the process wherever you can so our collective voices to advance bicycling in our city can be heard.   

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