Request for Proposals

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is for written proposals from consultants to provide services to Our Streets Minneapolis for the planning and facilitation of a two-day staff retreat.


Our Streets Minneapolis is a local 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to work for a city where biking, walking and rolling are easy and comfortable for everyone. We’re a community driven organization dedicated to making Minneapolis a place where people of all identities and backgrounds have access to streets and trails that are vibrant community spaces year round. We do this work because we know abundant biking and walking contribute to happy people, a healthy environment, and a strong economy. 

We have also developed equity, safer spaces, climate change and enforcement policies: 

Everyone matters. Equity is central to our work to make Minneapolis a place where biking, walking, and rolling are easy and comfortable for everyone. Advancing equity means we place extra focus on engaging, reflecting, and working with communities and neighborhoods that have traditionally been left out of transportation decision-making. 

We all work together to create safer spaces. All identities are welcome here. Safer spaces are intentional anti-oppression spaces, created with the goal of supporting and welcoming all identities, meaning all genders, races, religions, abilities, orientations, etc. 

Climate change is a crisis. Transportation is the largest and fastest growing source of greenhouse gas in the United States. We fight climate breakdown through our core mission to make active transportation easy and comfortable for everyone. 

Enforcement doesn’t make streets better. We firmly believe traffic enforcement is not a good strategy to make streets better places to bike, walk, and roll. Increasing traffic enforcement amplifies racial disparities. Changing the way streets are designed is the most effective way to make streets places for people. 


The majority of the Our Streets Minneapolis team has worked at the organization for less than one year. At the upcoming staff retreat, we hope to connect more deeply to one another, identify shared values, and evaluate and engage with the Our Streets Minneapolis mission. The Our Streets Minneapolis board is currently in process of updating a five year strategic plan that was developed in 2017. That plan is set to expire in early 2022. We are seeking an experienced facilitator to bring staff together in identifying strategic goals and priorities that will be presented to the board and incorporated into a new strategic plan.

The total cost of the proposal may not exceed $2,000. 

Scope of Work 

  • Work with staff to develop programming and goals for a two-day staff retreat.
  • Lead team building and engagement sessions at a two-day staff retreat. 
  • Facilitate collaborative group discussions on the following:
    • Discuss if our mission continues to reflect a changing reality shaped by the climate crisis, racial and social justice movements, and the COVID-19 pandemic. 
    • Discuss how team members may work together more collaboratively and effectively to advance the mission of Our Streets Minneapolis.


Ideally, the staff retreat will take place in January 2022, with planning beginning in December 2021.

Process to Apply 

To express interest in facilitating a staff retreat for Our Streets Minneapolis, please send a written proposal as attachment to Event & Program Coordinator, Ember Rasmussen, at [email protected]. Proposals must include: 

  • Qualifications and comparable experience of consultant and qualified team member(s). Scope and timeline of proposed deliverables. 
  • Budget for proposed scope. Proposals that address only a part of this work within the proposed budget will also be accepted 
  • Proposal may not exceed two pages in 12 pt font, single spaced. 

Proposals must be sent by the end of day on December 10th, 2021.

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