Recap: Bicycle Accidents, Crashes, and the Law

IMG_0328.JPGLast Thursday the Bicycle Coalition presented a Coffee Hour hosted by Dan Brazil, a personal injury lawyer known as the Minneapolis Bike Attorney. Lots of folks turned up for the event and we gathered at the Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar.

In case you missed it, we live tweeted the event while Dan answered some of the burning questions folks had.

Q: What if I don’t have car insurance?

A: Lawyer_Question_1.png

Q: What if I don’t think I am hurt?



Q: How do I preserve the information and make sure my story gets told correctly?



Q: Why is a lawyer important?



Here are Dan’s 6 steps to take after getting in an accident:

  1. Call 911; any accident you are in should have a police report.

  2. Take pictures and/or video of you, your bike and your surroundings.

  3. Get the contact info of the driver and all witnesses.

  4. Seek medical attention, even if you think your injuries are minor.

  5. Don’t fix your bike or do anything with your gear/clothing.

  6. Call your insurance company to report your accident.

And ultimately;


Thanks to all of the folks that came out for the evening, and thank you especially to Dan Brazil for offering up so much information. Look for more events like this to happen in the future!


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