Rank Our 2016 Advocacy Priorities

If you attended our Thanks for Giving member and volunteer appreciation party earlier in the fall, you might have participated in an activity ranking a few advocacy priorities.


We call this activity "Bean Counting!"  You get three magical beans, and are asked to plant them where you want a magical beanstalk of bike advocacy to grow next year!

There were 6 categories.  Each of the categories is broad, and contains many of the possible areas of focus for our 2016 advocacy work.  There were no wrong answers or bad votes- All of these topics are important.  Reality dictates that we are limited by time, resources, and eager volunteers, so we have to prioritize our work to be most effective.

We have been conducting this activity at different locations, polling our network about what people think is MOST important.  Now it is your turn!

Please help us prioritize our work!

Please take this survey, it has two questions and will take you three minutes to complete.

You will also have the opportunity to take part in this ranking exercise at our year-end fundraiser on Monday, December 21st, 5-7p. There will be yummy food and drinks in addition to a great crowd with engaging conversation.  Please join us for an end of the year gathering!

If you are interested in participating in the next round of advocacy work planning, please email [email protected].  The next round will include looking at more detailed priorities and evaluating them together. 

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