José Luis Villaseñor, Community Organizer - What Protected Bike Lanes Are You Excited About?

This week, I sat down with another one of our community organizers, José Luis Villaseñor to talk about his favorite protected bike lanes:

28th-finished.jpgJosé Luis: 26th and 28th Streets.

Tyler: Cutting to the chase? Knowing the question ahead of time? I like your style. So why are those your favorite protected bike lanes?

JL: Well, I'm lucky enough to live right between them, so I can use them for... well pretty much anything. I use it when I bike with my sons to get to the Midtown Greenway. I use it to get to our community center and our community garden. I use it to go to work, to go shopping. It's a huge asset to my family.

T: I know this is probably a redundant question at this point, but are these protected bike lanes improvements over what was there before?

JL: You mean better than nothing? Absolutely. And something that a lot of people don't realize is that the change these streets went through this summer makes them better for everyone. If you're riding a bike, you've got protected bike lanes. That's obvious. If you're a pedestrian, you've got new medians that make it easier to cross the street, you've got fewer lanes to cross, and the cars are driving slower. If you're in a car, you don't have to worry about three lanes of traffic and you don't have to try to pass bicyclists in your lane. With this new configuration, everyone is safer.


T: I'm glad to hear that. Is there anything else you want to say about these lanes?

JL: I think as people in my neighborhood find out about these new lanes, I'm going to see more people out walking and biking. And if we keep putting these protected bike lanes in, the whole city will see the improvements that my neighborhood is seeing.

T: I feel the same way. Well, thank you for sitting down with me José Luis!

JL: No problem!

Want to learn more about the new protected bike lanes being installed this year? Check out our list of 2015 protected bike lanes.

Do you want to give us feedback on the protected bike lanes that you've used? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. You can also contact us directly.

And look forward to hearing more about what protected bike lanes our staff is excited for every week.

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