Emily Stumpf, Communications and Outreach Associate - What Protected Bike Lanes Are You Excited About?


After a weeklong break, we return to ask more of our staff about their favorite protected bike lanes. This week, I spoke with our newest hire, Emily Stumpf, Communications and Outreach Associate.

Tyler: Emily, thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

Emily: Well, you're welcome Tyler.

T: By the way, sorry about having to cancel the interview last week.

E: Oh don't worry about it. I know you were working on that really important survey about improvements to the Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha intersection, so I was happy to reschedule.

T: Thanks for understanding. We really do want input on those improvements. Anyways, you're new to the Twin Cities, right?

E: I am. But, I'm already loving being able to bike here. It's especially fun to ride around the chain of lakes to get some exercise.

T: And what route do you take to get there?

E: I take my favorite protected bike lane, 36th Street. It's a great straight-shot route to the lakes. But, the street is always busy with cars, so having a protected bike lane there makes it so much easier to get to the lakes. Otherwise, I guess I'd have to go all the way to the Midtown Greenway to get there.

T: Would you like to see more two-way protected bike lanes like 36th Street and Oak Street around Minneapolis?

E: I would like to see them used in the right places. I got to try the Oak Street bikeway during Open Streets Minneapolis and I know it's got some issues, but its much better than just a plain old bike lane. So if there's a place where a two-way protected bike lane is the best fit, I hope it will be put in. 

T: Well, thanks again Emily!

E: No problem!

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And look forward to hearing more about what protected bike lanes our staff is excited for every week.

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