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Location: Hennepin Ave from Washington Ave to 12th St N


Hennepin Washington Map

The City is looking to rebuild Hennepin Avenue in the heart of downtown in 2020. They will be starting community engagement about what that will look like very soon.

Discussions will certainly include the potential for a protected bikeway (which would be coupled with taking out the one on 1st Avenue). We are interested in how we can support a truly great Hennepin.


Word on the Street

Hennepin Ave S Reconstruction Advocacy Guide

Hennepin Ave S Reconstruction Advocacy Guide

Hennepin Ave S will be reconstructed from Douglas Ave to Lake St in 2023. Hennepin Ave S is a City-owned street that is home to many Minneapolis residents and beloved businesses. This reconstruction provides an opportunity to make Hennepin Ave S a beacon of the City's Complete Streets Policy that makes tangible progress on their climate and mode share goals to get more people taking more trips by biking, walking, rolling, and taking transit. 

City mode share goal chart showing a planned reduction in car trips and increase in bike, walk, and transit trips 

City of Minneapolis Mode Share Goals by year 2030

This is a guide to help organize your thoughts for a people-centered Hennepin Ave S. This document is continuously updated based on your ideas and needs. Please reach out to discuss additions and provide feedback on the guide itself.

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Dangerous Intersection: Hennepin & 4th, 5th, & 6th Streets

Below are photos from the intersection of Hennepin Ave and 4th Street N, 5th Street N, and 6th Street N.

4th street is the 17th most dangerous intersection for pedestrian in Minneapolis, 13 reported pedestrian crashes occurred at this location in the the ten year study period of the 2017 Pedestrian Crash Study. 

6th street is the 12th most dangerous intersection for pedestrians in Minneapolis. 14 reported pedestrian crashes occurred at this location in the ten year study period of the 2017 Pedestrian Crash Study. 

These crashes range from fatal to incapacitating to minor crashes.

What are your experiences with Hennepin Ave and 4th, 5th, and 6th Streets N? Follow #mplsintersections on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation. 

Is there an intersection you would like Our Streets Minneapolis to highlight? Contact Frances to let us know and get involved.

All photos taken by Paul Jahn.

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Dangerous Intersection: Hennepin & Lagoon

When crossing the intersection at Hennepin and Lagoon to go the Walker Library it often feels like “Russian Roulette” because I am never quite sure if the drivers will yield when I try to cross Lagoon.  This is especially true once the two lanes of traffic turning right from Hennepin on to Lagoon start flowing.Car creeps into crosswalk

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Final Hennepin-Lyndale public meeting Feb. 10

Final Hennepin-Lyndale public meeting Feb. 10

The final public meeting for the design of the Hennepin-Lyndale project is:

Tuesday, Feburary 10, 2015
Walker Art Center
Skyline Room
1750 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.--come anytime for open house format

Details will be available on the proposed layout for the sidewalks, bikeways, and greenspace. The street layout was approved in September. Unfortunately, the details that will be presented are not yet available, so we can't share them.

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Action Alert for Hennepin-Lyndale

Note: This action alert has passed. We were successful! You can send a thank you to this same list. Council Members Lisa Goodman and Lisa Bender were the primary leaders on this and especially deserve our thanks.

Misinformed opponents want to delay action on the Hennepin-Lyndale design in hopes of more traffic lanes at the expense of everything else.

No matter where you live in the City, if you see this before 10:00am Tuesday, September 9, please send an email in support. We don't want this project delayed or potentially derailed because of this. The Transportation and Public Works Committee will vote on this shortly after that. 

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BAC Considers Nicollet Mall And Hennepin/Lyndale Bicycle Options

At its meeting Tuesday the Engineering Subcommittee of the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) heard plans for the Hennepin Lyndale Bottleneck and the Nicollet Mall Redesign, two street makeovers that are seeing minor bicycle facility improvements.

Hennepin Lyndale Bottleneck

The City of Minneapolis received a $7.2 million grant from the federal government for a $9.1 project to improve the Hennepin Lyndale Bottleneck. Some hope for a dramatic change, but planners estimated each day 55,000 vehicles use the bottleneck going north south. Thus, they seem loath to cut down the number of lanes.

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Cyclists Applaud Proposed Refinements to Hennepin and First Avenue


The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition applauded a proposal introduced today at the Minneapolis City Council Transportation and Public Works Committee to refine last year’s two-way conversions of Hennepin and First Avenue.

“The proposed changes to Hennepin and First will be a huge improvement for people bicycling into downtown,” said Lisa Bender, a founder of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.  “These changes reflect the strong commitment of City staff and leadership to ensure that bicycling is a safe and convenient option for people traveling into downtown.”

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