Poems Pedals and Parking Day

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What is possible in a parking spot? That’s the question that cities around the globe will answer in just one week with the 7th annual celebration of PARK(ing) Day!

This awesome, international event celebrates the possibility of redesigning on-street parking spots into any number of engaging, active public spaces. These spaces take on different visions in different cities: in San Francisco, where PARK(ing) Day originated, the event highlights city parklets; in New York City, passersby can catch some Shakespeare in a PARK(ing) Spot  or a play in a ballpit on their lunch break; in previous years, spots around the Twin Cities have been transformed in lush, green locations for friends to meet up and chat.

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, in partnership with Open Book, Milkweed Editions, The Loft Literary Center, and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, will host a PARK(ing) Day space, directly in front of Open Book (1011 on Washington Avenue S) on Friday, September 21 from 10am - 2pm. People will get to experience Washington Avenue in a new way, engaging with this public space in a manner that is usually impossible. An on-street parking space will become a space in which people chat, eat lunch, meet with friends, and participate in a poetry reading on a stage! Tell people you plan on attending by posting on the Facebook event page!

What can you do in the PARK(ing) Day spot?

  • Read one of your own poems on a grand stage  (check out the call for poems below).

  • Eat lunch with friends or colleagues.

  • Read a poem provided by Milkweed Editions if you aren’t currently writing your own.

  • Purchase a copy of Toward the Livable City by Emilie Buchwald from Milkweed Editions.

  • Sign up to volunteer with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition or become a member on the spot (there are lots of goodies associated with becoming a member at this event).

  • Learn about the advocacy efforts for a safer Washington Avenue.


The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition will take advantage of PARK(ing) Day to highlight the improvements that are possible for inclusion in the redesign of Washington Avenue. Volunteers from the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition will be on hand to share their vision for transforming Washington Avenue S into a boulevard with protected bicycle lanes, expanded sidewalks and improved public spaces. There is increasing demand for walkability and bikeability in the area so PARK(ing) Day is an incredible opportunity to promote your friends and colleagues to get out there and visit Washington Avenue.

So, mark your calendars for 10am-2pm on Friday, 9/21/2012. Bring your lunch! Bring a poem! Bring your enthusiasm for a calmer, safer Washington Avenue.We hope to see you there!


Poems, Pedals & PARK(ing) @Open Book

Open Book, a nonprofit organization founded by The Loft Literary Center, Milkweed Editions, and Minnesota Center for Book Arts, is a haven for flourishing creative writing, publishing, and printing arts activity in Minnesota.

Open Book is partnering with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition for PARK(ing) Day 2012 on September 21 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm in front of Open Book (1011 Washington Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN, 55415). We are seeking poetry submissions to be read during the event.

Poems with a bicycle, love of books and/or nature theme are requested.

  • Electronic submissions only

  • All submissions must contain your contact information.

  • The winner of the best poem submitted will receive an assortment of prizes.

  • If you are available to read your submission(s) during the PARK(ing) Day eventplease include that information with your poem.

  • Open to all

Deadline: 5pm on 9/18/2012

Send Inquiries and Submissions to: [email protected]

More info on Park(ing) Day 2012 can be found at www.parkingday.org

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