Pick a Spot to Lock Up!

Got a favorite place to go, but nowhere to lock up your bike? Through the generosity of Banjo Brothers Bike Bags, we have two bike meter hitches up for grabs. The catch? They have to be at a new pay station meter and located in the Downtown or University area. (I know, I know, but Uptown and Lyn/Lake have over 100 of these hitches.)

Here’s the deal: for the next week or so, submit your ideas (including the meter numbers) on our Facebook page. When we get 25 different suggestions, we’ll pick 5 locations and put them into a poll. You do the voting and the locations with the most votes get the meters.

How else can you help?  Consider purchasing a meter yourself (yes – we have had 7 racks purchased by individuals). Go together with 5 friends – that’s only $10 each for a rack right where you want it!  Can't afford 10 bucks?  Download a flier  and go tell your favorite haunts you want bike parking.

This is the most cost effective, state of the art bike parking available and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Help us get them were we need them!

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