Pedestrian Work Group March 2019 update

The Our Streets Pedestrian Work Group (PWG) had a cozy meeting on March 18 at the Hennepin Central Library. Cozy as in our original room was taken, although we all fit in nicely in a smaller, nearby room. The library staff even provided some extra chairs.

Folks at the March Pedestrian Work Group meeting

First, welcome Ashwat (Ash) Narayanan! He’s our new executive director and has a wealth of knowledge and experience! We look forward to his leadership and advocacy for cleaner, more inclusive and resilient transportation, among other proactive safety opportunities in Minneapolis.

Our meeting included lots of information and input regarding the Transportation Action Plan (TAP) with Minneapolis Public Works and how we do our part to collaborate and can have a voice in making our streets safer, freight, parking, Open Streets Mpls, and more winter sidewalk maintenance discussions.

One of the first, quick discussion points we discussed were venues for future meetings including this library, plus taprooms like Lakes and Legends (home of our last two monthly meetings) and coffee houses. Boneshaker Books was mentioned by our member Audrey, too. You can bring your own food! Of all, one aspect I didn’t think of this until after the meeting was the cool Nimbus public art piece outside on Nicollet. Maybe a nice attraction for you? What are your thoughts? And maybe you’d like to volunteer?

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