Pedestrian Work Group April 2019 Update

This April, the Pedestrian Work Group (PWG) met up once again at the Central Library to discuss all things walking and rolling and to start planning engagement efforts for Our Streets. Several new volunteers shared a lot of knowledge and expertise from careers in transit and car-free lives. Thank you so much!

Pedestrian Work Group members at a table

First, we discussed changing our meeting location. The Central Library is a great space, but switching to a spot that allows food was a priority for the PWG. In May, our meeting will be at the Dunn Bros. in Loring Park. Stop by the May meeting and let us know your thoughts on the meeting location.

Several volunteers reported back on the Transportation Action Plan workshops that have been taking place throughout the city. Overall, PWG members felt that the workshops felt a little fragmented and driver focused.

Regarding the city’s ADA transition plan, the PWG is concerned about the transparency of the plan. There have not been any updates from the city. Please contact your councilperson and urge them to share updates with the community.

Last, we broke up into groups and brainstormed advocacy and outreach activities to use at Open Streets events throughout the summer. This is a great moment to get involved with the PWG, and there will be lots of opportunities for planning and advocacy in the coming months.

The first Open Streets Minneapolis event is Open Streets Lyndale on Sunday, June 2nd. The PWG came up with a lot of ideas like setting up a pedestrian friendly street corner, creating a walking scavenger hunt, highlighting the Lake and Lyndale intersection as the deadliest pedestrian crash point in the city, and setting up engaging art activities.

Join us at our next meeting at the Dunn Bros. in Loring Park on Monday, May 20th from 6-7:30pm.

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