Pedestrian Work Group December 2018 Update

Footprints on a sidewalk covered in slushy snow

At our December meeting, members of the Pedestrian Work Group reflected on 2018 and identified some of our
successes over the past year. These included:

  • The involvement and commitment of our Pedestrian Work Group members
  • Progress on our winter sidewalk maintenance campaign:
    • Engagement at Open Streets Minneapolis events on pedestrian issues, especially learning more about what people want for winter sidewalks.
    • Conversations with Minneapolis City Council Members around winter sidewalks.
    • Focus and extended conversation around winter sidewalks at the City’s Transportation and Public Works Committee.
    • Language around winter sidewalks included in Mpls 2040, the City’s Comprehensive Plan.
    • Significant media coverage around the need to clear winter sidewalks of snow and ice.


The Pedestrian Work Group also identified some top priorities for 2019. These included:

  • Building volunteer leadership for this work group.
  • One to two specific street projects where pedestrian issues are a priority. These projects are to be determined after learning more about the City’s planned projects for this year.
  • Continuing the winter sidewalk maintenance campaign, and seeing real change for the way people can get around who walk or roll as their mode of transportation.
  • Engagement and advocacy with the City’s ADA Plan, Vision Zero Plan, and Transportation Action Plan.

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