Our 2020 vision and plan

We have a new strategic plan that will guide our work through 2020. A summary of our bicycling vision and plan below.



Our Bicycling Vision for Minneapolis in 2020

Minneapolis is a world-class bicycle city.

  • Double bicycling in Minneapolis by 2020, with faster growth in underrepresented areas and among underrepresented groups.

  • Achieve Platinum Bicycle Friendly Communities status for Minneapolis by 2020.

  • Build at least 30 miles of high-quality protected bikeways in Minneapolis by 2020 and have a plan is in place for the next stage of the bikeway network.

Why Double Biking In Minneapolis?






*Data based on a Nov. 2015 study by Alta Planning + Design

Our Direction:

  • Grow and support bicycle ridership, especially in underserved communities.

  • Promote biking as a joyful, normal mode of transportation.

  • Develop bike advocates across grassroots to grasstops.

  • Reach out and transform the Coalition to reflect our diverse communities.

  • Diversify funding to sustain the strength of the Coalition.

Our Work:

  • Make streets better--Bikeways for Everyone, Complete Streets, and other future proactive and opportunity advocacy priorities.
  • Host events--Open Streets Minneapolis, Minneapolis Bike Week, and other future community rides and events.
  • Encourage biking--programs targeted to helping support individuals biking more.


A Few Notes on Our Plan

  • We will be primarily judging our success based on how many more people are biking in Minneapolis--with a big goal of doubling biking in the City by 2020!
  • We will have extra emphasis on addressing barriers to biking in traditionally underrepresented groups, including women and communities of color and in underrepresented parts of the city, including North and Northeast.
  • We are making an organizational commitment to equity and to diversifying our organization to reflect our diverse communities. This work will require us intentionally reaching out, listening, evolving our organizational culture, building new partnerships, and providing more funding to diverse people and organizations. 
  • We will continue our current work because we still think it is critical. But we will be adding a new area around encouraging biking. Because we know that we need to do that to maximize the value of improved bikeways and our events. 
  • We can't do this work alone. A goal of doubling biking is only possible because of collective commitment from many partners, including the City, County, State, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, nonprofit partners, business partners, and--most importantly--community members who care and want to help support this vision and inspire others to join the movement in our city.

If you are excited for the prospect of doubling biking in Minneapolis and better serving all communities in our City, we hope you will join us either as a member or volunteer (or both!). Thanks for all your support. 

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