Our goals for 2015

We've had some big wins in 2014, but with your help 2015 is going to be even bigger.

Some of our 2015 goals include:

  • Having 7+ miles of new protected bikeways built in 2015 in Minneapolis, bringing us closer to our goal of at least 30 new miles by 2020.

  • Putting on up to 8 Open Streets events across Minneapolis, including new events downtown and near the U of M.

  • Hosting the biggest and best-ever Minneapolis Bike Week to inspire many new people to try biking.

  • Securing passage of a great protected bikeway action plan and ongoing funding for protected bikeway construction and maintenance.

  • Working to enact a nation-leading Minneapolis Complete Streets policy that helps the city take the next step forward for walking and biking.

  • Working with Hennepin County to make sure their new bicycle master plan is approved that includes protected bike lanes on County roads and new funding to support.

  • Having the first-ever dedicated state funding for walking and biking included as part of a state transportation funding bill.

Map of Protected Bikeways We're Working to See Built in 2015:


There will be up to 8 Open Streets events in 2015!


Our full list of advocacy objectives includes:

  • City Council adopts a strong protected bikeways network plan;

  • County Board approves a new bicycle master plan that includes all priority protected bike lanes on County roads and supportive policy;

  • County Board approves “enhanced network” plan for protected bikeways and provides $500,000+ in new funding to support;

  • City Council adopts a nation-leading Complete Streets policy;

  • City Council includes $750,000+ in 2016 budget for protected bikeway fund + funding for local community-driven pilot section of North Minneapolis Greenway + funding for protected bikeways as part of 18th Ave NE reconstruction;

  • North-south protected bikeway through Downtown opens (we are focused on Marquette and 2nd Avenue South);

  • 9th Street downtown includes planter protected bike lane (and maybe 10th Street implemented as pair);

  • Park and Portland downtown approved for protected bike lanes and trail connections approved around future Vikings Stadium;

  • 26th/28th Street open with protected bike lanes from at least Hiawatha to Portland Ave;

  • Pleasant Avenue through U of M is reconstructed including a protected bike lane;

  • Quality final design is approved for 18th Avenue NE bikeway to be built in 2016;

  • Well-designed protected bikeways open on Washington Avenue downtown, as part of the Hennepin-Lyndale project near the Walker Art Center, 26th Avenue N from the River to Theodore Wirth Park, Broadway St NE from Stinson Blvd trail to Industrial Blvd, Franklin Avenue bridge over the Mississippi River, Oak St. SE from the Dinkytown Greenway to East River Road, and filing gap in the Hiawatha LRT Trail from 28th to 32nd Street;

  • Progress is made toward protected bikeway on Marshall Street NE;

  • Penn Avenue North approved with bike lanes or protected bike lanes;

  • Progress is made toward connected bike lanes and other safety improvements on Franklin Avenue;

  • Progress is made toward a priority winter biking system;

  • Significant dedicated biking and walking funding included as part of a comprehensive state transportation funding bill; and

  • More flexibility is granted in the State Aid design standards to allow cities and counties to build more Complete Streets.

We need your help to reach our goals though - whether you join as a member, sign up to volunteer, or come to one of our events - you're helping keep Minneapolis moving forward and making biking safer, more accessible, and fun for everyone in our city.


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