Open Streets Notification Letters Delivered

Yesterday, we delivered 500 letters to our neighbors along the proposed route on Lyndale Ave South between Franklin Ave and 42nd St.

Assembling the "Dear Neighbor" notification fliers.

Fortunately, the weather behaved and we were able to get them all out in one day.

500 notification fliers in a bag.

It was wonderful to meet business owners/employees and residents throughout the day.  We were excited to hear all of the tremendous support for the event from the people we met.  For those we didn’t meet, we look forward to meeting you soon.

"Dear Neighbor" letter left for a resident along Lyndale Ave.

Many thanks for the help from Linda, Greg, Nicole and Justin for dedicating their time on Saturday!  Our next neighborhood volunteer event is this Saturday, 2/26.  Please see this post for more details.  Thanks!

We will be completing our neighborhood approval documentation on 2/26 and 3/3.


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