October Downtown Bikeways Updae

Thank you to Jess for taking the notes for this blog and to Andrew for serving as photographer.
The Downtown Bikeways group met until after dark for the first time this year - the seasons are changing! And we are still going strong! We started our meeting by sharing our first joyful bike memory. 
downtown bikeways meeting october
Then, in two minutes, or less, each of the workgroups reported accomplishing the following items since we met last month:
LaSalle/Blaisdell and 1st:
  • Distributed boxes to gather surveys in four apartment building along LaSalle.
  • Finalized our design priorities and communicated them to Public Works.
9th and 10th:
  • Completed revising the letter / email text for approaching businesses along 9th and 10th and asking for support.
  • Completed revising the sample letter of support.
  • Identified, assigned, and began to contact businesses along the corridor.
  • Completed a blog post about the corridor.

During the meeting...

We spent most of the meeting in our workgroups collaborating, accomplishing tasks, and identifying the work that we will complete over the next month.

What's up next?

For next month, each workgroup plans to accomplish the following items:
LaSalle/Blaisdell and 1st:
  • Contact the schools along the corridor and ask for their support.
  • Continue to solicit corridor residents for signed postcards of support.
  • Interview corridor residents for their stories about the corridor.
9th and 10th:
  • Continue to contact business along the corridor and ask for their support.
If you'd like to be involved, we'd love to have you join us! You can get in touch with Our Streets for more information, or just come to our next meeting on Monday, November 5th at the Dunn Brothers at 329 W 15th Street.

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