Oak St SE Protected Bikeway Open House 4/13/2015

Open House

Hosted by Minneapolis Public Works
Monday, April 13
6:00-8:00 p.m. with a short presentation at 6:30 p.m.
Argyle House, 920 Delaware St SE

Please attend this open house in support of a protected bikeway on Oak St SE!  

We are really excited for this protected bikeway!

  1. Greatly improve both connectivity and safety for bicycling around campus
  2. Lots of paint to clearly define space for bikes, cars, and pedestrians
  3. Flexible plastic posts as a vertical separation between bikes and cars
  4. Minimal parking impacts

It is important for us to show up to this event to give input for the final design, and to show support for the project.  Feel free to RSVP to this open house and I will be sure to have enough bike pins for us all!

Oak St SE Protected Bikeway


Minneapolis Public works is planning to install a two-way protected bikeway on the west side of Oak St SE between East River Parkway and Washington Ave SE, this year.

The U of M Bikeways Workgroup (meets 1st Thursdays 6-7:30p) did a walk along Oak St SE and identified the most interesting sections of the route.  Read below for details that Simon Blenski, Bicycle Planner at City of Minneapolis, was kind enough to share with us.

Washington Ave SE Intersection

  • The City's Protected Bikeway plan has Oak St SE extending further north to 4th St SE, but the current project ends on Washington
  • To turn left/ west from Oak St SE, you use the protected bikeway and turn left with the traffic light
  • To proceed straight/ north or turn right/ east from Oak St SE, there are 2-stage turn boxes- Cross the Washington with the light, wait, then cross Oak St to the northbound lane or eastbound Washington


East River Parkway Intersection

  • The existing curb cut is new, and is oriented toward pedestrians and the east side of Oak St SE, so crossing from Oak St to the Parkway will potentially require a two-stage crossing
  • Two-stage crossing would mean crossing to the east side of Oak, then to the Parkway, with a diagonal crossing from bikeway to curb cut on the Parkway also possible

SW Transit Bus Stop

  • SW Transit will not be moving their stop, which is the last stop on the line, with a couple stops in the morning and a couple stops in the evening
  • Similar to the protected bikeway on 36th St W, there will be a striped area where pedestrians are encouraged to cross through the protected bikeway, along the ~70' bus stop
  • Paint will create a 'plaza' feel

Parking Impacts

  • There will be no parking between Parkway and Fulton (1 block)
  • Offset parking between Fulton and Delaware with well-defined and well-signed parking bays on the east side of the bikeway, with wide lanes and wide buffers between parking and the bikeway
  • Flexible plastic posts will create a vertical "protection" along the entire length of the bikeway

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