Notes from 2-2-11 Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting

The newly reconstituted Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) had its first meeting on Wednesday, February 2. Given that there were a number of new faces at the table (and that the City Council will officially approved the membership this month), the meeting focused on introductions and committee goals for the year rather than action items.

Of note, a few items were talked about as potential topics for the next meeting:

  • Bike Plan. Public Works staff will bring an updated version of the Bicycle Master Plan back to the BAC before it goes to the Council, which will be by the end of April. The BAC will have an specific opportunity to comment on the Bike Plan map.

  • Creating BAC subcommittees? Several members recognized the limitations of the BAC trying to offer advice on the multitude of things related to bicycling with only one meeting a month. There will be future discussion on whether to create BAC subcommittees to focus in more depth on things like technical project advice.

  • Communications. There was some interest in better sharing of information to the broader public, including posting meeting minutes (starting at the next meeting!), and having individual members reach out to their neighborhood organizations.

The next BAC meeting will be scheduled soon.

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