Neighborhood meeting on Minnehaha Ave Sept. 11

As a follow up to the community meetings hosted by Hennepin County in July, the Longfellow Community Council is hosting a meeting on Wednesday, September 11 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m at the Tapestry Folkdance Center at 3748 Minnehaha. The meeting will feature a panel with local residents, a business owner and a representative from Hennepin County. The goal of the meeting is to hear thoughts from people who live, walk, bike, drive, park, or own a business on Minnehaha about “how this project will affect you and your livability during and after construction.”

If you live in Longfellow (see map to the right from their website), we strongly encourage you to attend and offer your thoughts.

This community meeting is important because it may result in a vote by the Longfellow Community Council board expressing the LCC's prefered layout option. If you are a Longfellow resident or frequently use Minnehaha, your presence at this meeting could have a big impact.

Our position

We support a well-designed protected bike lane (cycle track) for Minnehaha because of it would provide a great and comfortable link between the Midtown Greenway and the Minnehaha Creek trails, attract more people to local businesses, and best serve the many families in the area. We hope that Hennepin County will work to revise their current cycle track proposal to better address safety at intersections, preserve street trees, and reduce parking impacts.


In this summary document, we cover:

  • tree impact (doesn't need to be more with the cycle track),

  • safety (cycle tracks in 100+ US cities and prevelant in places with lower cycling injury rates),

  • parking impact (doesn't need to be more with the cycle track),

  • how cycle tracks can help spur more biking,

  • the importance of considering health benefits of more biking,

  • how we can design intersections safely,

  • clearing snow.

Additionally, it is important to point out that more people biking is likely to be good for business. Increased biking leads to economic benefits for local businesses. New York City saw a 49% increase in retail sales after installing a cycletrack on 9th Ave. Bicyclists are also spending more money at local businesses around Nice Ride stations and elsewhere.

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