Mpls Bike Week: Event Ideas Wanted

Come Brainstorm Event Ideas for Minneapolis Bike Week 2014!

The Minneapolis Bike Week Planning Group is looking for volunteers to join us in brainstorming event and activity ideas for Bike Week at our upcoming monthly meeting. New in 2014, Minneapolis Bike Week is a weeklong series of events and activities promoting all types of bicycling with a focus on encouraging those who do not normally ride to give it a try. (Check out the blog post Introducing: Minneapolis Bike Week [] for more background on Bike Week.)

Have a great idea for an event or activity? Want to give feedback and input on event ideas? Have an interest in organizing awesome events? We need volunteers to do all of these things! This is a perfect opportunity to share that genius method of engagement you thought up in the shower one day but totally forgot about until right now. We have a lot of freedom to shape Bike Week, and your input would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone and everyone interested in shaping this new event (no previous volunteer experience necessary) is encouraged to attend the next Minneapolis Bike Week Planning Group:

Minneapolis Bike Week Planning Group Monthly Meeting

Thursday, February 6, 6 - 7:30 p.m.

Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition

1428 Washington Avenue South, Suite 204

Minneapolis, MN 55454

Contact Nick Ray with any questions:

Nick Ray

Minneapolis Bike Week Coordinator

[email protected]


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