Minneapolis Going for the Green Lane Project

The City of Minneapolis Public Works Department has told us that they will apply for the Green Lane Project, a national effort to promote protected bike lanes. This effort is 18 months into its first stage and has helped make a lot of progress happen in six initial cities.

We're excited by the resources that this could mean to support great protected bike lanes in Minneapolis that help better connect neighborhoods, support local businesses, and make for a cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant city. The City would have access to the best design experts and information sharing with other places working to make and maintain the best protected bike lanes possible.

And we are also excited that the City will, as part of the application process, commit to working to implement protected bike lanes on 36th Street South and 26th and 28th Streets South in 2014. We hope to see additional routes added in other areas in 2014 as well. And we hope to get Hennepin County engaged as a partner with the City, so they can benefit from the support as well.

If you haven't yet, offer your support for 30 new miles of protected bikeways in Minneapolis by 2020 by signing the Bikeways for Everyone pledge.

A protected bike lane in New York. Image from the greenlaneproject.org

A protected bike lane in Vancouver. Image from the greenlaneproject.org.

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