Midtown Greenway Signs


Chatting with fellow cyclists about the new signs in the Greenway, I’ve heard the pro and the con.

On the pro side:  they are very clear

On the con:

  • the mileage is very inexact, as demonstrated by two signs, about .2 miles apart, that list the same distance to River Road

  • they created at least one blind entrance where you can’t see oncoming traffic.

Blocking the vew of oncoming traffic from the west. Photo credit, Rene Vergara

This picture is taken at the eastern entrance from Bryant looking west.  The sign blocks the view of eastbound traffic prior to entering.  It was always tough to see oncoming traffic at this entrance, and this has made it significantly worse.

I contacted the City to ask they fix this problem, and they responded that they sent it on to “the appropriate PW [Public Works] traffic operations staff for evaluation.”  Here’s to hoping they fix it, too.

Are there any other issues we should let the City know about?

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