Member Spotlight | Dacia Durham

Meet Dacia Durham! As a member and volunteer, Dacia has played a key role in making the coalition's work successful! She's asking you for your help in making Open Streets bigger and better than ever in 2014. Donate today!

Dacia Durham

  • Age: 50

  • Occupation: Business Operations Analyst

  • Neighborhood you call home: Near North

  • Who you share your home with: Me, myself, and I

  • When you’re not riding your bike, you can be found: Hopefully at the airport jetting off to my next travel adventure.

Dacia's Biking Connection

  • What is your top reason for riding a bike?: Exercise and transportation…and mental health breaks especially over the lunch hour when I often take a Nice Ride bike out around downtown.

  • Who is your favorite person to ride with? Why?: I ride mostly with my bike club, the Major Taylor Bicycling Club of Minnesota. I love and value the camaraderie and sense of community when our group comes together. As one of the founding members of the club, I’m proud to see that spirit still continue today 15 years later.

  • What is your favorite area in Minneapolis for bicycling? Why?: I love the Midtown Greenway and Cedar Lake Trail since they’re long and car-free, but look forward to having a greenway and more bike amenities available on the north side in the near future.

  • What changes would you like to see for biking in Minneapolis?: 1) Diversity in having more women and minorities participate, 2) more protected bike lanes all around the city to encourage that participation, and 3) a cultural shift in how motorists respond to cyclists by giving us more respect since we all pay to use the roads whether it’s in a car, on a bike, or on foot.

  • Why do you support the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition?: The Coalition has its sights fixed on making biking accessible, safe, and in the end, fun for everyone. I hope to see Minneapolis as the first city to be dubbed ‘The Copenhagen of the U.S.’

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