Making Winters Walkable


We know people walking and rolling will not be able to get around our city reliably until our sidewalks are usable all year round.


Right now in Minneapolis, many sidewalks and crossing areas are not cleared of snow and ice promptly in the winter. Even when sidewalks and crossings are cleared, they are not consistently maintained for people who are walking and rolling.


Our systems and norms prioritize clearing roads for cars, but not sidewalks for people.


That’s why we launched an advocacy campaign to make winters walkable in summer 2018. Since that time we collected thousands of signatures in support of better winter sidewalk maintenance.


Our advocacy to make winters walkable resulted in Mayor Frey adding new funding for improved corner clearance in the 2020 City Budget. Our work in this area continues to spark conversations about how our city ought to approach winter sidewalk maintenance.


You can find out more about our winter sidewalk advocacy by checking out the winter tag on our blog.

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