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Here’s a template you can use to thank Commissioner Greene for her leadership in getting Hennepin County Public Works to carry out a 4-3 conversion safety treatment on Lyndale Ave S, and ask her to commit to a clear timeline for the project.

Emails can be sent to Commissioner Greene at: [email protected]

Using your own words and experiences in your email will have a more powerful impact. 

Please make sure to sign your name and address at the end to let the Commissioner if you are a constituent. 

Here is a template to use for your email: 

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Dear Commissioner Greene,

Thank you for your work to plan for a pilot 4-3 conversion on Lyndale Avenue S. This proven safety treatment will immediately reduce traffic crash rates and improve the experience of everyone using this street.

As a next step, please urge Hennepin County Public Works to commit to a clear timeline for the project.

Thank you again for your leadership and support.

[Name and street address]

Consider including this additional language:

  1. Say something about your experience using Lyndale Avenue South. For example,
    • “I live on Lyndale Ave S, and I use it frequently to get to work, get groceries and go shopping. It is often a stressful experience because of speeding cars, frequent crashes and a lack of marked crosswalks.”
  2. Support our ask for a clear timeline. For example, “I support Our Streets Minneapolis’ call for a public commitment on a planned start and end date for this 4 - 3 conversion.”
  3. Here are some facts you can use to help make the case that this conversion needs to be done as soon as possible:
    • This safety treatment is very inexpensive.
    • The transformation can be carried out in a matter of days--usually less than a week.
    • This treatment can reduce crashes by up to fifty percent.
    • According to Hennepin County’s own data, traffic flow will improve or stay the same.
    • The longer we wait, the longer community members who live, work and play along the corridor are at increased risk.


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