Lowry Avenue Bridge Bike Safety Action Alert

Hennepin County is designing and building a new Lowry Bridge, which will finally reconnect North and Northeast Minneapolis. But, the $92.7 million project does not yet include a safe, inviting route for all types of bicyclists across the bridge. We need your help to let Hennepin County Commissioners know that this connection is important to bicyclists and that we need a safe design for the Lowry Bridge.  This bridge is expected to last 80-100 years!

Please contact your County Commissioner by phone or email to let them know that bicycle safety on the new Lowry Bridge is important to you.

Contact info (you can find your Commissioner here):


General message:

Please make the Lowry Bridge safe for all types of bicyclists.

Please include a personal story of why this is important to you


After more than six months of collaborative discussions with staff, progress has been made to make Lowry safer for bicycling. But the design is not all the way where it needs to be and we worry that the bridge will be built without important safety elements that will increase the risk of crashes for bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. We need your help to raise awareness of the need for safe bicycling on the bridge with the elected officials who can make a great design happen.

You can find out more details about the project and work to date in this blog post.

Progress has been made since this rendering, but more is needed to make the Lowry Bridge safer.

The Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, OR provides separate ramps for bicyclists to access the bridge’s elevated walking and bike path. This feature is critical part of making the bridge safer for everyone.

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