like magic

Sometimes when I come across the installation of new bicycle friendly features on the road, it feels like magic.  It is as if someone waved their magic wand over night while I was sleeping and made the world I dream of existing in, a reality ~ at least for a block, or two. :)

Last year it was the amazing transformation of the Franklin Avenue Bridge from car friendly to bicycle friendly.

This year, much to my surprise, two paths I travel frequently are all now shiny and new with bicycle friendly stripes.

I often head east on Como Avenue at the intersection of 18th Avenue SE and Como.  Last year I was pleasantly surprised by the bicycle lanes that started after the train tracks at 22nd Avenue SE and Como, and then the lanes that went in East of there, including up the hill to Saint Anthony Park.  But now, new bicycle lanes complete the continuous flow all the way down Como from when you turn right onto Como from 15th Avenue SE heading North from the UofM until I turn right on the UofM Transit Way, and beyond.  This was an exciting day.

As if that wasn't enough, on my way home, I circle back through the U and about fell off my bicycle seat at the sight of this.  This has always been a bit of a tricky transition from the bicycle lane to go straight on 15th Avenue at Rollins.  I have no illusion that a green stripe will make that all go away, but it certainly feels better and can only help.  Question is, do a lot of the drivers in this area know what a green stripe on the road means?  I've seen a lot of bad driving over here, some having to do with sobriety issues, some having to do with pure cluelessness, but I remain optimistic that a green stripe can only be good and I am excited about it.

I am on the board of the MBC, I am not naive enough to think this is all magic.  Things like this happen through the hard work of a lot of people.  But I prefer to believe in the magic, it makes my bicycle rides all that more fun.

What exciting changes have you seen where you ride this Summer?

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