Kitty Check-up

Read about transporting my most precious cargo, my kitties, to the vet!


These snuggle lumps need their vaccinations!

What is your most precious bike cargo?

I don't have a car.  When my cats have needed to go to the vet, I have walked with them, bussed with them, and had someone drive us.  All of these options were traumatic in their own way.  One really cold winter's day I decided to try biking them the few blocks to their vet, and it was pretty awesome.

Since then I've moved a short distance and put them on my cargo bike, biked to the vet many times over the years, and it is a lot less stressful for us both.

They are my furry little buddies.  They trust me and I can pick them up and put them in their carrier without too much struggle.  They might not like it crammed in a box together, but they don't loose their chill.


I wake up every morning to this face and tuna breath purrs <3 <3

After they are secured in the Meow Box, I load them into the trailer and we go for a 3 mile ride.


They mostly don't complain, unless the road is really bumpy or we are stopped for too long.  (I know, I know, kitties... me too.)  I can go about 9 mph, but I slow down to 6 or 7 mph when it is bumpy to make the ride less stressful for them.


When we get to the vet they don't cry, they just like to take a moment to settle in, and then start exploring.


People always look and stare, because we are super interesting and they want to get to know us.


Obviously. Because this is totally normal.

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  • Emma Bull
    Hey, that’s our vet, too! Let’s ask them to put in a place to lock our bikes.

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