joy and hidden treasures at any age

There is nothing like riding your bicycle when you are a kid.  It is one of your first tastes of freedom and your ticket to grand adventures.  As a child riding a bicycle brings a sense of joy and the discovery of hidden treasures.  None of this needs to change as we age.

I was inspired recently walking my dog around Lake Harriet when I heard a group of children through the trees happily and repeatedly saying merrily to each other "on your left", "on your left", "on your left".  A bicycle riding lesson they must have learned and were having fun using with each other.  Their enthusiasm was contagious, it made both me and my husband smile.  Nothing like riding a bike...

A little while longer as we rounded the south end of the lake this same group of bicyclists stopped to discover the hidden treasures housed at the base of the tree.  Ah, the mysteries of a secret world discovered on your bicycle...

One of the beauties of Minneapolis is the many miles of lake-side trails.  I am sure this group of upbeat gals would have been having fun in a car, but the magic of a bicycle is riding with your friends, enjoying the fresh Summer air and the memories of new discoveries you would never see whizzing by at 60 miles an hour on the interstate.

What joy and hidden treasures have you found on your bicycle in Minneapolis this Summer?

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