Isaiah' Post-Ride Report

Isaiah's sponsors (dozens of them) got this note Saturday after he got home, and I thought you'd be interested in how his ride went.  It's not too late to make a donation - instructions to submit one are below, and you can let Isaiah know you did on this webform.  He's not sure of the total raised, as donations are still coming in!

Thank you for making a pledge to support the bike trip that we took, and for supporting the Minneapolis Bike Coalition! We're back from the trip and we want to let you know how the trip went and where to send your donation.

How far we went:

We made it back a few hours ago, after going 151 miles in 3 days.

Where to send your donation:

Isaiah is proud of raising more than $1,500 for the Minneapolis Bike Coalition. Thank you for making it possible! You can send your donation straight to the Minneapolis Bike Coalition. At the bottom of this web page,, click on "donate." Or you can mail a check to: Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, 3708 Colfax Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409. The coalition is a nonprofit, so the donation can be tax deductible.

How the trip went:

We had a lot of fun! Thank you for joining the trip with your pledge and support! As we biked, we thought a lot about the Bike Coalition's work to make biking fun and safe for everyone. Some places we biked were fun and safe, and some were scary and not so fun. Thanks for helping the Coalition make more places that are nice to bike!

Finally, the Coalition thanked Isaiah at Open Streets yesterday.  Ethan Fawley, Coalition president, thanks Isaiah



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