Introducing: Minneapolis Bike Week

In May 2014, Minneapolis will join communities across the country in celebration of National Bike Month with a new event, Minneapolis Bike Week. No, not that kind of bike week. Nor the “human bicycle” kind. Rather, we’re talking the good ‘ol fashion, classy pedal-powered kind and a whole week to celebrate it (although the other two might be onto something with the leather chaps and moving walkways).

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is proudly taking the helm in organizing Minneapolis Bike Week this spring as part of the region-wide evolution of Twin Cities Bike Walk Week. (Think: the awesomeness of Bike Walk Week combined with the epicness of National Bike Month!) The weeklong series of events and activities will promote all types of bicycling (uni- and tri- variations included) with a focus on encouraging those who do not normally ride to give it a try. To give you an idea of what's on the menu, probable 2014 events include:

  • Bike to Work Day downtown celebration

  • Bike to School Day celebrations

  • workplace and campus celebrations

  • commuter pit stops

  • free breakfasts

  • prizes and giveaways

  • general two-wheeled fun and (legal and positive) shenanigans

Volunteers Needed

Although centrally organized by the Coalition, Minneapolis Bike Week will be a coordinated effort among local businesses, non-profits, community groups, government organizations, and other entities. The Coalition is looking for volunteers interested in reaching out to potential partners—volunteers who can connect and build relationships with groups interested in promoting cycling. We have a lot of freedom in shaping Bike Week, and your input is greatly valued. The possibilities are limited only by our imagination, ambition, and the amount of coffee at the volunteer meetings (don’t worry—I’m on that).

We need volunteers who can create a Bike Week that gets people out riding through creative events and activities. Whether a sunny day commuter, casual weekend rider, or dedicated competitive cyclist of the stretchy pants or cut off denim variety, Minneapolis Bike Week encourages and celebrates all types of riding (except salmoning). Most of all, however, we encourage people who do not normally bike to give it a shot. And you know how to make that happen.

Interested? Get Involved!

If you’re still reading you must be interested! And your friend must be, too! Anyone and everyone interested in shaping this new event (no volunteer experience necessary) is encouraged to attend the first Minneapolis Bike Week Work Group:

Minneapolis Bike Week Work Group Kickoff Meeting

When: Thursday, December 5th, 6 - 7:30 p.m.

Where: Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition

1428 Washington Avenue South, Suite 204

Minneapolis, MN 55454

Come help us make Minneapolis Bike Week success. All we need is your great ideas.

Contact Nick Ray [[email protected]] with any questions or if you wish to participate but are unable make the first meeting.

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