Friday: International Winter Bike to Work Day

Winter_Biking_Promo.pngThis Friday, February 10th, is International Winter Bike to Work Day! We hope that even if you aren’t a winter rider, you’ll dig out your bike from your basement and ride since the temperature is forecasted to be 46 degrees, with a low of 32. If you’ve been wanting to try winter riding, this can be your chance!

When we say that this is an International Winter Bike to Work Day, it really is International! Folks all over the world will be riding their bike to work, school, or just around. You can show your pledge to ride by filling out this quick form. Let’s bring Minneapolis to the top of the charts!

The Coalition will be celebrating the way we know best: with a joyride and a happy hour! Ride your bike to school, work, or just for fun and join us at 5pm this Friday at Gold Medal Park. We will meet up at 5:00, roll out at 5:15pm. We’ll take a muppet-paced, slow roll, family friendly ride to Cafe Racer for a happy hour and celebration of the day! You’re welcome to meet us at Cafe Racer, as well.

All people are welcome! Please dress appropriately for the weather, prep your bicycle as needed, and please bring lights- as the ride will go past sunset.

Check out the Facebook event to RSVP and invite your friends! We will see you on Friday.

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