Help Improve Bikeways on 9th and 10th Street in Downtown Minneapolis

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I’m on a workgroup through Our Streets Minneapolis, and I’m asking you to show your support for safer bikeways through downtown, specifically on 9th and 10th streets. These streets were added to the Bicycle Master Plan back in 2016, but there is currently no plan or schedule for improvement.

Currently, the infrastructure afforded to me and my fellow cyclists on these streets is a stripe of paint and some well-wishes. I believe we need more than that, and I’m asking Minneapolis Public Works to put these streets on the list for improvement by 2020.

Rendering of 9th St S including a protected bikeway on the left hand side

I’m asking the following, of you the reader:

  • Please take this survey, putting your name on a list showing you support improvements to 9th & 10th.
  • Get a friend or three to take the survey.

If you’re interested in advocating for improvements to downtown bikeways with me, please come to a meeting, the next one is November 5th!

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  • Janne Flisrand
    Matt, those are great ideas that I feel confident the group working on this would support. Their task has been to showcase the demand for these bikeways, and encourage the City to implement the plans that are already adopted. I’d welcome a conversation about how you believe others could partner with the downtown bikeway workgroup.

    I believe most of those things are principles to embed in the Transportation Action Plan.
  • Matt Steele
    I am excited to see downtown streets getting better bikeways! I would like to see it coupled with some other changes to our streets, such as: No more three-lane one-way streets. Spare use of two-lane one-ways. A return to two-way streets. Much more severe geometry with regard to curb extensions and turning radii. Dedicated busways (not just the right lane of a street) especially east-west on corridors such as 9th or 10th. More street trees. How can others partner with bikeway advocates to push for a larger package of changes on these streets?
    - A downtown commuter who works at 7th/Marquette.

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