Hennepin Ave S Reconstruction Advocacy Guide

Hennepin Ave S will be reconstructed from Douglas Ave to Lake St in 2023. Hennepin Ave S is a City-owned street that is home to many Minneapolis residents and beloved businesses. This reconstruction provides an opportunity to make Hennepin Ave S a beacon of the City's Complete Streets Policy that makes tangible progress on their climate and mode share goals to get more people taking more trips by biking, walking, rolling, and taking transit. 

City mode share goal chart showing a planned reduction in car trips and increase in bike, walk, and transit trips 

City of Minneapolis Mode Share Goals by year 2030

This is a guide to help organize your thoughts for a people-centered Hennepin Ave S. This document is continuously updated based on your ideas and needs. Please reach out to discuss additions and provide feedback on the guide itself.

Project information

Visit the City's Hennepin Ave S project website for more information, including links to concept plans from the City. You'll also be able to learn more about the City's project timeline on that webpage. 

Feedback opportunities

There are many ways to let the City know what you would like Hennepin Ave S to be like:

  • Attend an online open house. The next one is Wednesday, September 30th from 6:30-7:30 PM. 
  • Comment on the interactive map.
  • Take the City's survey.
  • Contact Becca Hughes, the City staff member leading the project. You can reach Becca at (612) 673-3594 or [email protected]

Sample language

Here are a few examples of the types of written feedback you might give. These are just samples--the most powerful feedback you can give is telling your personal story and sharing your vision for Hennepin Ave S.

Example: Sharing your experience with a design recommendation
Option 1 looks like the best way to create a Hennepin Ave that prioritizes sustainable transportation options that reduce congestion, increase shopping opportunities at local businesses and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to improve air quality and combat climate change - everything we want in a city with climate change looming.

Personally, I use Hennepin Avenue mostly to commute by transit to work in South Minneapolis. The transit lane has made my commute easier. I also use my bike and walk along Hennepin to visit local businesses. I’d appreciate space for bicycle parking and amenities to make sure people are safe while walking and riding their bicycle along the street.

Example: Sharing an intersection recommendation
It would be great if the intersection at Hennepin and 26th street could be protected for people on bikes. I usually turn left onto Hennepin to get to Red Cow and other restaurants along Hennepin. Although it’s a short distance, I’ve almost been hit several times when using this intersection and feel unsafe every time.

Project timeline graphic showing a construction timeline of 2022 through 2023

Hennepin Ave S Project Timeline

Hennepin Ave S existing conditions with a parking lane, four undivided car lanes and a bus lane

Existing conditions on Hennepin Ave S from Douglas Ave to Lake St


Design option for Hennepin Ave S with sidewalks, protected bike lanes, two bus lanes and two car lanes

One of six design concepts for Hennepin Ave S

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  • Kjell Mickelson
    I want protected bike lanes on all of Hennepin Avenue, wide sidewalks, full-time bus lanes, and minimal car traffic
  • Kenny Fennel

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